Win The War

by E-Town Beatdown

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released October 1, 2005

Vocals - Jesse Lafrance
Guitar - Ed Trela
Guitar - John Kennedy
Bass - Leith Brownridge
Drums - Jesse Morrison



all rights reserved


E-Town Beatdown Edmonton, Alberta

Since 2004, playing Hardcore music in the City of Champions, Edmonton.

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Track Name: Held in Contempt
You think you know me, but you don't know shit
Disrespect my style when you know it's legitimate
I've seen it so many times
You call yourself a friend. Well that's a fucking lie
Never there for me
You don't know what it takes
You don't know how much this means to me
Walk away, Save face
Swallow your pride, I've still got mine
Walk away cause you don't get it
Track Name: What We Stand For
Take back the things that are all ours
Take it back from the people that left these scars
A call for retribution. Time for restitution.
our firm resolution to take it back
We've had to make amends in our lives
and it's time for you to realize that we won't back down
We will stand strong no compromise
To take it back. We want it back
We've worked so hard and come so fucking far
We can't ignore this urge to even the score
For what we stand for. We'll never back down
We've made our mistakes. We must must now clean that
slate and do away with our regrets
We'll set things straight.
We will stand strong, through self respect.
Track Name: Gratitude
Listen up. I've got something to say.
To the people who stood by me.
You carried me through all the years
Through the hard times, and the bitter tears
My Gratitude is yours until the end.
And I'm so fucking proud to call you, my friend
Track Name: Sets Me Free
When times are tough and I've had enough
I look in front of me, smiling faces, different places
Giving me the energy, to keep going on, keep going strong
You know when something's wrong. All this will help me along
Be there to bring it on.
With my friends we'll stand strong
No Matter what it takes
Cause when life gets to me
This is what sets me free
No one can take this away, from me
I'll never listen to the things you try and tell me.
This is one thing that's always there for me
I'll never give up, never give in. Cause when the chips are down
I go all in
Track Name: When Tomorrow Shows it's Face
When tomorrow shows it's face
Will you be there for me?
Or will you walk away and make this a lost cause
how can I face tomorrow with these friendships i've lost
Because you changed.
Put on your second face
Through thick and thin we'd walk in stride
Now I look beside I saw you fade away from me

When tomorrow shows it's face
Will you be there for me?
And will we stay true? and always stand together
Forget about the past, cause tomorrow can be better

We'd never change, have our priorities straight
Through thick and thin we'd walk in stride
Our hearts filled with pride. We'll never fade away
Track Name: Win The War
I see you running off at the mouth
About how you think you know so much
All style no heart, well my friend I'm afraid you're time is running out

Don't worry about watching your back cause I'll be ahead of you
These things you say, they're all the same, none of them are true

This time I'm standing tall, we're the ones who never let it get to us
No need for retribution, I've got too much pride, I'll let it slide
and there's just one thing that I know
Cause it the end it's ours. We'll win the war. Take the Fall, Drop the ball, It is ours!